10 Tips to Transform your Bedroom into a Personal Sanctuary

Your bedroom is your getaway to relax: your days begin and end here, so it’s essential to have a relaxing space to unwind and recharge. When your bedroom is calm and peaceful, you can be too! Interior design can be tricky, here are 10 simple ideas to transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary that you won’t want to leave. 

1. Colour your world 

I often get asked, what colour should I paint my room? Colours can make or break a space. When choosing a paint colour for your bedroom, I like to stick to the neutrals. For colour consultations, don’t hesitate to ask us. We can help you via zoom. When it comes to pillows and throws/decor - I like to use soft, pastel-like colours to create a light, bright feeling that will allow you to relax. 


2. White bedding is a must

There’s a reason why the hotels you stay at opt for white bedsheets: they look lavishly fresh and clean. Whether you choose soft and luxurious Italian sheets, or a plush duvet cover, white bedding instantly brightens up your bedroom. To add an element of coziness to the room, try playing around with the texture of your bedding. There are many white, textured duvet covers available, but remember that comfort should be your number one priority. 

If you’re not a huge fan of white, opt for bedding in light neutral tones. I often choose light greys or soft creams - depending on the colour of your bed frame. To incorporate pattern into your light and bright sanctuary, add pops of pattern with decorative pillows, throw blankets, or a rug. This technique gives a less busy appearance as opposed to using bold patterned bedding. 

3. Comfort is key

When choosing your bedding, it is essential that your sheets are comfortably stylish. Material wise, I would recommend choosing bedding that is 100% cotton. Alternatively, if you like your sheets cool at night, opt for percale cotton for a good night’s sleep. 

Bamboo bedding makes for a great alternative to cotton because it is naturally hypoallergenic. However, I would not recommend bamboo bedding to those that are busy on the go - myself included. From running a full time business to juggling kids, I often find myself sticking everything in the drier. Bamboo bedding tends to shrink more than cotton making the process of changing your sheets a lot harder. 


4. Layer, layer, layer 

While it may be a hassle to do every morning, I like to layer my bedding. By layering with decorative pillows and throw blankets, you enhance the colour scheme of your bedroom whilst adding depth and contrast. 

5. A sanctuary is clean and cozy

For a clean and crisp bed look, always tuck in your bedding into the mattress and fold the corners. It’s simple details like these that make all the difference. 


6. Decorate your walls

Art is subjective. When choosing wall art, see what piece speaks to you the most without going too bold or abstract. 


7. Make a design statement 

If you want your bedroom to make a bold statement, opt for an accent wall behind the headboard. Using paint or wallpaper, incorporating an accent wall adds visual depth to your bedroom. For that extra wow factor, you can also install a chandelier, rather than a ceiling mount fixture, for a luxurious look. 

8. Don’t be afraid to go bold 

Keeping all the furniture pieces in your bedroom light in colour, don’t be afraid to go dark and bold for the walls. When using dark coloured paint, remember that the actual paint colour is 3x lighter than the paint chip. So while the paint colour may appear very dark, it is actually paler in comparison. My personal favourite dark is Kendall Charcoal HC 166 by Benjamin Moore. This versatile neutral gives off a rich, deep, and sophisticated feel without overpowering the bedroom. 

9. Light up the room 

Good lighting is everything: it affects the mood and ambiance of the space. For bedrooms, it is essential that there is enough light. Try to install LED warm 2700k fixtures to replace common ceiling lights. These fixtures light the room more evenly, and use less energy - both a plus. Another tip is to use a light shade, this also more evenly distributes the light across the room. Also, don’t forget table lamps for when you read and unwind before bed. 

10. Invest in blackout blinds

Lastly, for those night owls, blackout blinds are a must. They can range anywhere from $400 to $600 per bedroom window, and are a great way to keep the sunlight out so that you can get plenty of rest. 

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