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Meet Jenny, whose journey into the world of interior design began during her childhood, where she spent countless hours exploring show homes with her mom. While her mother had aspirations related to properties, Jenny's dream was to become a designer and bring her vision to life.

Driven by her passion, Jenny pursued a formal education in design, and it was there that she truly fell in love with the art of interior design. Jenny is not just an interior designer; she's also a connoisseur of good wine shared with close friends, a sports enthusiast with a special passion for volleyball, dance, and harbours dreams of mastering tennis. Her dynamic lifestyle mirrors her dynamic creativity.

Victory Interiors took flight during a period of significant transition in her life. Having moved more times than one can count in a relatively short span, she wanted all her spaces to exude a show home's level of sophistication. After all, why settle for anything less when it comes to where you live…and more importantly, how you live.

Her desire for a seamless transition during these frequent relocations led to the birth of Victory Interiors. With a mission to make every move easier and every space more stunning, Jenny's vision has turned into a reality, transforming spaces into showcases of modern beauty and functionality. Victory Interiors is all about simplifying transitions and elevating the way we live.


Interior Designer

Meet Dinethri, a talented interior designer with a unique blend of skills and passions. Originally from Sri Lanka, she brings a touch of exotic inspiration to her work.

When she's not crafting stunning interiors, you can find her sketching, hiking, and indulging in various outdoor activities. A true foodie at heart, Dinethri's culinary adventures fuel her love for aesthetics, whether it's in her design projects or creating delicious dishes.

Her passion extends beyond aesthetics, as she's dedicated to helping others, whether through her interior design expertise or her love for cooking and feeding those around her.

Dinethri's mission is clear: to make the world a better, more beautiful place, one design and one meal at a time.


The books

Originally being from Toronto, Alice found her home here in Vancouver where she loves the diversity of cultures, politics and finance that has helped her find inspiration. 

Being someone who loves to travel, she's lived on three different continents, creating so many deep connections with the people she's met along the way.

She's a big people person.

She also has a background in art, real estate, business and film but have found her love in the business of interior design and keeping Victory Interiors organized. 


Staging designer

Meet Maria Martinez, a multifaceted artist with a flair for creativity. Hailing from the vibrant culture of Mexico, Maria's love for art knows no bounds. Her passion for exploring new horizons has taken her on countless adventures, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds along the way. A true social butterfly, Maria's journey led her to the United States, where she dove into the world of interior design.

Her heart beats for beautiful spaces, and she excels at creating them. As an accomplished staging designer, Maria possesses a keen eye for color and an unmatched attention to detail, turning ordinary rooms into extraordinary showcases.

Maria is not just about aesthetics; she thrives in the great outdoors, especially when snowboarding, hiking, and camping. Maria's life is a canvas filled with vibrant experiences and a commitment to making spaces come alive.

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