6 Easy Interior Design tips from our Victory Interiors Team

How's your design skills? If you need help, here we are. 
You don't have to think of all your spaces at once, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, which means that the feeling of your home will be built over time, but doing small things make it more exciting to come home and see what changes you can create for the week coming up. 
Our designers have put together their top tips to get you started with some minimal interior design brainstorming.
It can be easier than you think, if you put your mind to it. 
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1) Create a focal point.

Whether it is statement art, lighting, or furniture pieces, it’s should stand out. Accent walls are great and can be added to any room. Make sure furniture colours and other finishes don't compete with that awesome wall art you may put in. 
New kitchen backsplash can usually be a focal point, but you must keep handles, and accessories clean if doing more of a textured or visual look. With colour tiles, glass tiles, or if you're keeping it a neutral backsplash colour, use a texture or pattern.
Paneling on walls and wallpaper are our top favourites.

2) DIY is nice but who has the time!

It’s nice to watch those videos on DIY, but unless you have hours to spend and love DIY, you might end up paying more, creating more of a headache, a bunch of  supplies left over, or really making it look like a DIY (if you know what we mean). Try opting for pieces of decor or art that reflects personality. It’s nice to mix styles sometimes. This gives your rooms more of a visual appeal, the only time you wouldn't mix and match is when you’re doing ultra minimalistic or clean modern look, then thats a big no no and don’t mix that.

3) Always paint swatches! Even for designers

Unless we are super experienced with the colour we choose (a lot of the times we know what it will look like before hand because of our experience), the paint chips are too small to get a good sense of what the wall will look like. Paint goes on twice as bright compared to a paint chip, and ten times lighter for exterior colours (crazy). We hope you know your color theory when picking, but otherwise just consult with one of our designers, because once you mix those paint cans and splash it on the walls, you might say “somethings off” when looking around after drying and we know that's always a costly thing to fix.

4) We love to add pops of colours to higher end designs

This creates a visually interesting space, especially if you have a wide open room.  Smaller apartments are less likely to have big bold colours. Being from Vancouver, we have seen a lot of smaller spaces all across the city and here we wanted to show you an example of how you can add a pop of color that doesn't over take the room, with some colors added to the kitchen with decor and brighter pillows on the sofa to brings the warm from the outside, inside. 

5) Mix and match your furniture

No one wants a a space straight from the showroom. Don’t try to match too many colours together either. Try mixing textures and colours that complement each other for a more cohesive look. Cohesive does not mean grey on grey on grey (get it?).
If you’re using cooler tones, then opt for some wooden pieces to warm up the space. This space had such a bright view and warm floor, we went with cooler tons for the furniture to make sure that it was balanced. We added textures with two different styles of fabric, as well as adding dark and light tables with similar designs to still have that mixing going on but similarity to match.

6) Contrast is key

If you want to upgrade your home decor, contrast is key. We’re not talking about contrasting with bold colours, rather make sure that your colour scheme has enough colours so that not everything isn't grey or cream. It’s always nice to add one or two wood tones to make your space feel warmer and more inviting. 

This tip was so lucky to be featured on Redfin's blog, they are a full-service agents (like us being more than interior design and fully furnish your house). They use technology to make things faster and convenient for selling your house. 

We would love to hear if these tips helped by tagging us on instagram in your new space @victory_interiors. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

- Victory Interiors Team 


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